Water Solutions

H2o Concepts International Inc. is a manufacture of whole house water treatment systems. For the last 23 years H2o Concepts has been providing  hard water (water conditioning systems) and filtration solutions to businesses and home owners.

Experience Clearly Better Water

H2o Concepts whole house water filtration systems plus AMP Force™ uses proven media filtration with energy to address your hard water problem(s). You will enjoy water without the taste and odor of chlorine. You will experience the freedom of having great tasting water as close as the nearest faucet. Without the chemical contaminants in the water it is much healthier for your hair and skin.

Why the H2o Concepts Amp Force Technology™ works on hard water?

The Amp Force™ concentrates on the bicarbonate crystals of the Calcium and Magnesium. In their natural form these minerals are insoluble. The H2o Concepts system uses energy to change the bicarbonate crystals, resulting into a soluble form. These minerals in a soluble form are left in the water leaving in the vital Calcium and Magnesium making H2o Concepts water alkaline (non-Acidic). This makes the H2o Concepts system the most advanced system on the market! 

Before Amp Force (insoluble)


Calcium and Magnesium in this form will cause build up inside your plumbing as the photo below shows.


After Amp Force (soluble)


The Calcium and Magnesium in this form will not clump and stick together inside your plumbing resulting in cleaner higher flowing water. The photos below shows the inside of a new copper pipe.