Daily Archive: April 20, 2015

Chemicals in your Water

Water It flows in every faucet in your home!

What’s in your water?
There are over 60,000 chemicals used in this country today and 320 of them have been found in our water system. 220 of these chemicals have found there way into our water system. The chart shows the amount of detected chemicals in the some of the city water supplies.

chemicals-in your-water
For the city of
Scottsdale they tested for 97 chemicals,  they found 31 chemicals in the water and 13 were found to exceed health guidelines.
Mesa tested for 97 chemicals,  they found 29 chemicals in the water and 17 were found to exceed health guidelines
Tempe tested for 112 chemicals,  they found 19 chemicals in the water and 13 were found to exceed health guidelines.
Chandler tested for 101 chemicals,  they found 37 chemicals in the water and 17 were found to exceed health guidelines.

Water softeners will not help with removing or reducing these chemicals, RO-Systems will only treat your drinking water at your kitchen sink. The best way to treat your water is to install in a whole house system in your home. That way every faucet and shower in your home will get treated.  The H2o Concepts systems uses 3 forms of filtration it all starts with the granulated activated carbon, then moves through the KDF this is for all the heavy metals and the Amp Force electronics this breaks apart the calcium and magnesium in the water. This adds up to great tasting water at every faucet in your home.

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